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I love the last two shots, just beautiful.


I like the second and the third photo, they give you a good idea of how these people live.


Les tragédies ne se comparent pas. Qu'on ne me méprenne donc pas, mais je ne puis m'empêcher de penser que cette tragédie que vivent des centaines de millions d'êtres humains mériterait au moins autant d'attention que la tragédie qui atteint le Japon.
Et, d'ailleurs, ces images rappellent un peu ce que vivent les survivants de la région de Sendai, toutes proportions gardées.


A fantastic, overwhelming and hopeful series! Excellent portrayal of the situation, well seen. Great job!!


All those boots. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.


Merci pour tous ces enfants à tous les généreux bénévoles et donateurs !


i love the one of the little girl hugging her new boots. so nice to see these children getting boots - it was painful to see their little dirty feet in only flip flops. okay the boots will get dirty too - but at least they will have a bit of protection for their feet.


When I see a child, he or she inspires me in two sentiments; tenderness for what he or she is, and respect for what he or she may become
By giving to those in need, we can help lift them out of poverty, and give them a better and happier life.
It's One Humanity, period.


just to have rubber boots to prevent these kids from stepping on nails and sharp objects is great. Very heartwarming.


This is really nice to see. Hats off to those helping people. These series would have made an excellent film documentary as well. Great stuff Sidney.


Great report. Nice to see that they get help. Boots (and food) are something to start with.


It must be a wonderful thing to see people coming with something to eat or other things to help.
Very nice series.


I love the shot where the children queue with their new boots. Fantastic.


un travail necessaire et qui semble une goutte d'eau dans l'océan de la misère !


Quels regards ! Je te souhaite une agréable journée


espérons que ses bottes lui serviront...à aller cueillir des fleurs


Tellement triste, on a l'impression qu'on leur offre des bottes pour retourner travailler, même si l'aide est précieuse, on aimerait tant voir ces enfants ailleurs... Toujours aussi humain ton reportage.


Un projet magnifique !
Quand on donne, on enrichit tellement son âme ...


A very hopeful series !

Michael Rawluk

The hope of humanity shows through.


im not forgetting Sidney.
ill spend one of my weekends here. =)


nice shot of these cute kids.. :)

London Caller

Those wellies sure come in handy when it rains!


The kids look so cute in their boots. :)

Photo Cache

they got new boots. they needed that.

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